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Technical Support

You’re one click away from our award-winning Solutions team. We can answer questions about Periscope Data, help you write better SQL and show you how to produce stunning visualizations — all with a 5-second response time.
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Professional Services

Our professional services engineers are here to help you with large-scale projects — including warehouse deployment,  building dashboards, onboarding users and more. We’ll work with you to make sure your business gets value from Periscope Data as quickly as possible.
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Learning Resources

Get the resources and documentation you need to become a Periscope Data pro. Our frequently updated docs site includes tips and how-tos for every stage of your data workflow: getting started, connecting your data, analyzing, visualizing and sharing insights.
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Award-Winning Customer Support

5 Second Response Time

No robots and no automated messaging. Reach out between 7 a.m. and 5 p.m. Pacific Time any weekday, and you’ll reach a real solutions engineer in five seconds. If you send an email overnight, we’ll respond ASAP.

Turning You Into a Data Superhero

We will help you do more than master Periscope Data. No matter your question — whether it’s about SQL, product features, backend heuristics or account details — we can help you.
Stevie Awards Gold Winner for Best Use of Customer Insight and People's Choice Award for Favorite Customer Service Team
Customer Service Team of the Year for Operations
Gold Winner

“When our team was very small it made us feel like a much larger team with more resources

Gina Mendolia
Senior Manager of Product Operations, Finch Therapeutics

“The support team is always available if we have an issue, and answers have been instantaneous, friendly and helpful.

Chad Botbyl
Business Intelligence Analyst, Service Express

“Solutions not only helped me construct the query, they also provided great explanations and resources to further my understanding. Keep up the great work!”

Andrew Shin
Angela Virtu


Adam's passion for data started as a junior tennis player where he began tracking various in-match metrics to determine which had the strongest correlation to winning. He enjoys building tools that scrape live weather reports to identify surf spots with optimal conditions.
Angela Virtu


Andreas joined Periscope Data to help make writing SQL fun and easy to learn. He’s infamous for his typing speed (over 110 wpm) and his Pulitzer-Prize-winning emails (just try sending him a message!).

Angela Virtu


Betsy joined Periscope Data after a stint in consulting. When not working, you will find her in the kitchen, traveling, crafting or exploring San Francisco.

Angela Virtu


Before Periscope Data, Charlotte worked as a senior consultant for enterprise companies. When she’s not writing SQL queries, she enjoys making crafts and attending cosplay conventions (sometimes dressed as a fairy!).

Angela Virtu


East Coast native and SF transplant. Passionate about curating a best-in-class customer experience and helping customers get the most powerful insightful analytics from their data.

Angela Virtu


Originally from Colorado, Katherine moved to SF to be close to the startup world. She loves being a part of one and helping others grow theirs through insightful analytics.

Angela Virtu


A passionate cook who spends his spare time concocting his next meal. Whether ingredients for a dish or data for analysis, Mark is a staunch supporter of quality inputs.

Angela Virtu


Joined Periscope Data with a background in FinTech and a strong passion for helping clients reach their goals!

Angela Virtu


Passionate about creating powerful data visualizations, spreading awareness of analytics best practices and learning about the latest and greatest advancements in data science.

Angela Virtu


Ray strives to empower those around him to get the most out of their days using technologies ranging from intuitive integrations to automation scripts.

Angela Virtu


As passionate about helping clients get the most out of Periscope Data as he is about getting the most sunshine out of San Francisco. If you talk to him on chat, ask about his favorite horror movie.

Professional Services

Accelerate Time to Value

Our engineers help emerging and established businesses quickly deploy and adopt Periscope Data across their organizations.

Implement Best Practices

With expertise from years of helping customers, we can ensure your architecture is optimized for speed and solve complicated analytics needs on your behalf.

Increase Adoption

We help you roll out Periscope Data at scale to accelerate adoption across your organization, including administrator/user onboarding and basic SQL training.

“Bringing in service experts from Periscope Data with such an intimate knowledge of the product has been the best decision for us because they got us up and running so quickly. Doing it this way really has saved us a lot of time, energy and money.

Hiram Vasquez
Product Manager, Oasis

“[Periscope Data’s Professional Services] laid a strong foundation for us to then be able to replicate and shape that data in different ways much more easily.”

Eric Rodriguez
Director of Sales, Common

What Services Are You Looking For?

End-to-end deployment and implementation services to help your organization quickly adopt Periscope and start making data-driven decisions.
Quick Start
Internal Implementation
Full Deployment
Deployment Setup
Data Modelling
Quality Assurance
Dashboard Creation
User Onboarding
Data Extract, Transform, Load (ETL)
Eliminate switching costs by having Migration Services replicate your existing reports and dashboards from legacy tools to Periscope Data.
Quick Start
Internal Implementation
Full Deployment
Deployment Setup
Data Modelling
Quality Assurance
Dashboard Replication
User Onboarding
Data Extract, Transform, Load (ETL)
Number of Dashboards Migrated
Estimated Time
2 weeks30 days60 days
Our Professional Services team can optimize the speed of your Periscope Data site, manage permissions and perform custom back-end operations so your critical dashboards and queries are always lightning fast and accurate.
Performance Optimization
Optimize high-priority dashboards, improve query speed and standardize common business logic, archive and remove unused dashboards, views, filters, tables, etc.
Site Manageability
Implement permissioning of Groups, Dashboards and Spaces, set up SSO and Admin changes, perform large-scale actions and more
Ensure ad-hoc analyses will be reusable and strategic, provide guidance and training on best practices so your team can scale efficiently
From building SQL dashboards to site audit and cleanup, Analytics Services are for when your team needs some ad hoc, hourly support.
Report Building
Create new dashboards or replicate existing reports from legacy BI tools onto Periscope to get your team up and running
Team Assistance
Provide support as trusted data analysts for your team during crunch time or peak seasons (e.g. quarter- or year- end)
Site Audit
Perform audits on your Periscope environment to optimize dashboards and query performance

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