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Which Periscope Data Package Is Right For You?


Build dashboards in a flash — analyze, visualize, and share insights instantly.
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Deliver deep insight with SQL, Python, and R, rapidly prototype machine learning models and deliver predictive analytics. Empower admins with advanced functionality and manageability.
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Select best-in-class platform features such as embeds, high-performance caching and cloud data warehouses to meet your specific needs.
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Periscope Native Connectors
Connect to a wide range of data sources with Periscope’s native connectors
Data Lake Integrations (Presto, Qubole, Athena)
Enable analysis of big data using integrations with top data lakes


1 Space included
1 Space included
User Seats
5 Creators
20 Explorers
5 Creators
20 Explorers
SQL Editor
Includes SQL snippets, SQL views, statistical tabs
Data Exploration
Explore data, filter, drill down, perform calculations and aggregations, build charts and dashboards using a drag-and-drop, point-and-click interface
Python and R Editor
Run more advanced analysis with Python libraries and R packages, Python and R Views


Charting Capabilities
Visualize your insights intuitively and interactively with a wide range of pre-built chart options.
Custom Visualizations
Create interactive and highly customizable visualizations using Python libraries or R packages such as plot.ly
Color Themes
Enable users to create custom color palettes to be applied at the site, dashboard, and chart level


URL Link Sharing
Create and send links directly to reports and dashboards
Schedule Email and Slack Alerts
Customize scheduled reports to be sent directly to your inbox
Slack Integration
Share live dashboards with your coworkers
Collaborate by adding comments or questions directly onto charts
Full TV Mode
Show critical metrics in meetings or with your entire organization
Downloadable and Printable PDF
Easily create polished reports or dashboard snapshots with printable PDF dashboards
Shared Dashboard Passwords
Secure your shared dashboards with editable and revocable passwords
CSV Export Management
Control data export capabilities from shared dashboards to maintain data security

Data & User Management

RBAC User Permissions
Manage permissions centrally to ensure people have access only to relevant dashboards and data
RBAC User Management API
Programmatically onboard and offboard users to Periscope Data or update their permissions as roles change
SQL Alerts
Notify users when a query result is abnormal compared to the predefined value
Auto Archive
Automatically archive your unused dashboards, Views, datasets and CSVs to keep your sites clean, accurate and easy to navigate
Change Log
Easily revert back to a previous version
Standard Dashboard Refresh
Automatic, background refresh for dashboards
Admin Dashboard Refresh Management
Manage when and how often dashboards are refreshed to reflect live data when needed
Git Integration
Gain complete control over your analytics environment with a sophisticated version control system, release management workflows and file-level access to all user-generated content
Query Management
Prioritize important queries to make sure key dashboards and analysis are always completed when needed
Usage Data
Monitor who is accessing data and how they are using it to optimize dashboard performance

Security & Compliance

Single Sign-on
Integrate with top SSO providers like Azure Active Directory, Okta, OneLogin and Google Apps SAML 2.0
Two-factor Authentication
Secure your data using two-factor authentication with top authenticator apps
HIPAA and SOC 2 Type II Compliance
Ongoing compliance updates to ensure that your customers' private data is protected
Ongoing compliance updates to ensure that your customers' private data is protected

Data Engine

On your Redshift/Snowflake Warehouse
Optimize performance and control data freshness  by materializing and scheduling views back into your Redshift or Snowflake warehouse
On Periscope Cache (10GB Included)
Perform cross-database joins and accelerate query performance by materializing intensive SQL views on enterprise-scale hardware managed by Periscope Data
On Managed Redshift Warehouse
In addition to materialized views, get full visibility to data sources and dependencies to efficiently manage data models without having to set up and manage the data warehouse yourself

Embedded Analytics

Embed API 
Generate and share customized, user-specific dashboards externally at scale without requiring engineering resources (Available as an add on to Express or Pro package)
Embed API with white labeling
Ensure a consistent, on-brand look and feel for your embedded dashboards
Render API 
Generate reports specific to each party at scale (Available as an add on to Express or Pro package)

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