Update: “Your Data Team Should Be Your Company's Conscience” — Forbes Technology Council
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Periscope Data for Product Management

Base your product decisions on data — not hunches. Periscope Data empowers your entire organization to answer complex product questions with data.

Prioritize and align

Take a data-driven approach to prioritizing your roadmap and releasing new features. Enable everyone across your business to view, explore and track the same KPIs and dashboards. That single source of truth increases visibility and alignment with partners and stakeholders across the company.

The Periscope Data editor for SQL and Python analysts

Product Management Dashboards

Use Cases

Measuring KPIs

Understand how features impact business metrics (e.g. revenue, marketing spends)

Ad-hoc Analysis

Analyze data to identify new features and prioritize feature requests or bug fixes


Measure the impact of experiments when testing new ideas and refining prototypes

Deliver data instantly with embedded dashboards

Streamline data delivery for customers and partners by embedding analytics into everyday applications. Data automatically refreshes, so stakeholders always have the freshest information.

The Periscope Data editor for SQL and Python analysts

Customer Stories

“Experimentation and A/B testing are how we do things. We need to look at the right data points and Periscope helps us do that. Each feature touches on different aspects of the user experience, so Periscope helps us dig deeper.”

Carthook: Ben Fisher
Riaz Lalani
VP of product at theScore

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