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Data Engine

Accelerate your BI workflow and ad-hoc analytics with Data Engine. Data Engine is the flexible, low maintenance solution for data teams, providing visibility and control over their data pipeline.

Data Engine On Your Warehouse Architecture

Data Engine On Your Warehouse

For those who prefer managing their own Redshift or Snowflake warehouse, data teams can: 

  • Materialize views directly into your Redshift or Snowflake warehouse and reduce query run times from hours to seconds
  • Better manage compute costs by materializing and scheduling views that require long run times or have high complexity
  • Fully control data freshness with flexible view scheduling options

Data Engine on Periscope-Managed Infrastructure

Those who want enterprise-scale hardware without the associated overhead costs can leverage Data Engine on Periscope-managed infrastructure, such as Cache or Managed Warehouse. 

  • Perform cross-database joins by combining data from a variety of different sources into a centralized Cache or Managed Warehouse location
  • Materialize views into the Cache or Managed Warehouse to achieve fast query performance and reduce compute resources on origin databases
  • With Managed Warehouse, get full visibility to data sources and dependencies to efficiently manage data models

Data Engine Features

Managed Warehouse
Data Engine on Your Warehouse
CSV Uploads
Full Table Caching
Basic Materialized Views
Scheduled Materialized Views
Integrations with Third-Party ETL Tools
Dependency Mapping
Simplified Cluster Health and Alerting
Full Cluster Management and Ownership
Ability to Select Desired AWS Region Data

“Using Periscope's Data Engine with my Snowflake warehouse has been a fast and seamless experience. We can materialize views directly into my Snowflake warehouse without switching to other tools. And with the upcoming features around orchestration, we'll have full control over how our data models run on our Snowflake. This allows us to ensure that all charts run fast while also optimizing warehouse usage. We love that!”

Seriously Robert Parviainen
Robert Parviainen, VP of Data Science at Seriously