SQL, Python, and R — Together at Last

Improve your analytics insights with unmatched speed, power, and flexibility.

Deeper Analytics for the Modern Business

Connect to cloud data sources, then explore and analyze data in a matter of minutes using SQL, Python, and R.

SQL, Python, and R Together

Utilize machine learning, predictive analytics, natural language processing and more with SQL, Python and R all in the same environment.

Fast Time To Value

Get up and running in an hour. Conduct deep analysis, create and share dashboards with no markup languages and no upfront modeling.

Built by Data Pros for Data Pros

Powerful functionality like query revision history, autocomplete, formatting, snippets, and Git integration enable you to go from query to answer in seconds.

How It Works

Seamlessly and securely connect data from any source, creating a single source of truth for your organization.
Perform advanced analytics operations to answer complex business questions with data.
Select from Periscope Data’s broad library of charts and visualizations or build your own.
Instantly share insights and key metrics via direct linking, email, Slack or by embedding dashboards into your web pages and applications.

Empower Your Data Team with Machine Learning

Go from reporting the past to predicting future KPIs. Use SQL, Python, and R together to rapidly prototype machine learning models, including sentiment and text analysis using NLP.

Optimize Workload Performance

Data Engine makes it easy to orchestrate your entire data pipeline by letting you run each of your workloads where they will perform best — whether that’s Snowflake, Redshift or another warehouse.

Customer Stories

Helping teams access, organize and share data
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Customer Stories

Disrupting Global Trade With Data
Breaking Down Data Silos
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Helping Teams Access and Share Data
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Build dashboards in a flash — analyze, visualize, and share insights instantly.
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Deliver deep insight with SQL, Python, and R, rapidly prototype machine learning models and deliver predictive analytics. Empower admins with advanced functionality and manageability.
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Select best-in-class platform features such as embeds, high-performance caching and cloud data warehouses to meet your specific needs.
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